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Bestie Bond

Bestie Bond

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If you purchase the adhesive it will expire 2 months after received, whether opened or un-opened. No returns will be accepted for glues even if un-opened due to Covid-19. 

ICY Adhesive:

  • .5-1 second  dry time 
  • Should be kept between: 68-73 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Humidity level for best retention is between: 30-70%
  • Black 
  • Non-Allergenic 
  • 5 ML


    • Shaken side to side NOT up and down
    • Shake for 30 seconds before each use
    • If the glue is not well shaken will result in retention issues
    • Change out and dispense a new drop of glue every 20-30 minutes
    • Never dispense adhesive on top of the previous drop  


    • Keep away from sunlight, moisture and heat
    • Store in air-tight container with silica pack to draw out moisture
    • Keep glue cap super tight between uses
    • Refrigerate upon receiving to stabilize the ingredients 
    • Once ready to use remove glue from refrigerator & let sit in room temperature room for 4 hours
    • Never lash with cold adhesive as it will cause retention issues 

       Adhesive will dry within 1 second  in the recommended environment:

      • 68-73 degrees Fahrenheit 
      • 30-70% Humidity 


      Does not contain LATEX or FORMALDEHYDE!

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